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Swami Vivekananda

Swami Vivekananda

A man who lived for society to give the right direction of living. He had lots of hope from youth and said give me 100 youngmen I will change the nation. This confidence encourages the youth and all citizens across India.

Well, there is no word to describe him. Swami Vivekananda was an Indian monk who was born in a brahmin family, his child’s name was Narendra Dutt. Narendra was different by thought, living from childhood. He was inspired by her mother who used to worship God and Narendra used to do the same. The culture of his family was devoted,  his grandfather, father, and mother everyone used to worship God which encouraged Narendra.

After completing his study, he wanted to know more about God and life. For this, he must need a Guru “Teacher”. And for this, he visited “Swami Paramhansa” who was well known for his great knowledge.

An inspirational word comes out in his first meeting.

He knocked on the door at the first meeting with Paramahansa who was inside the room. Swami Paramhansa asked “KON” (Who’s this) Vivekananda said “Yahi toh jan ne aaya hu” (This one I want to learn from you)

Swami inspired his teacher at the first meeting. And same happened in the future during teaching. Swami Ji gave his life to caring for his teacher and grabbed everything which can make him a great human being.

Swami Vivekananda was the first man who introduced Sanatan Dharm at the international conference.  When he started his speech with the word “mere Americans bhaiyo aur bheno” there was the big sound of clapping.

Swami Vivekananda taught youth that life is not living for collecting the materialistic things, it is for living for others.

Living for society gives more happiness instead of living ownself.

He read Bhagwat Geeta which inspired him and came to know the reality of life. He also has written several novels such as Karma yoga, bhakti yoga, and much more.

He lived his life to gather the youngsters for good of society.

We must feel proud that Swami Vivekananda belongs to our country and he was a legendary human being.  We must follow him to live with happiness.

Chandra Shekhar Azad:

A name who can never forget in India. Chadar Shekhar was known as “Azad” and “pandit ji”. He was a great freedom fighter who belonged to “Garm dal”.

In starting he supported Gandhi Ji in “Ashyoag Andolan”. He was also left his study and gathered his classmates and friends to participate with Gandhi Ji like other youth. But after taking back Ashoyag Andolan by Gandhi Ji, Azad got upset like other youth and joined gram dal to fight against the British.

Jawal lal Nehru also wrote in the book that there was a young boy who was captured by British police.  And they put off his cloth and hit the stick on his nude body. And that young boy used to take Nara of “Bharat Mata ki Jai” and keep speaking until he moved unconsciously. He was a truly great man.

After leaving Garm dal he joined HRA ( Hindustan republic association) which was led by Ram prasad bismil who was also a legend of India and we will write about him too.

Pandit Ji collected funds for HRA by robberies of government property. Robbery of kakori kand is also famous, he was also killed J.P Saunder at Lahore, in attempting below-up victories of India’s train 1929.

Chandra Shekhar was very brave, he used to call ownself Azad, Azad jite hai, Azad hi marege that’s the reason he was not captured by British police till his death.

He took revenge for killing Lala Lajpat rai by British police. 17 Dec 1928, he, Bhagat Singh, rajguru gathered in front of saunders office. And when he came back and sit on the bike Rajguru shot him with the first bullet, then Bhagat Singh shot bullets to keep him calm die. After that Azad killed Saunder’s bodyguard who was running behind them to capture them. Then they spread the poster by writing the revenge of killing Lala Ji has taken by Saunder’s death.

Blast in assembly

8 April 1929, bhagat Singh and butkehwar Dutt throw the bomb in the assembly which was successfully led by Pandit Ji. Throwing the bomb was with an aim to aware the youth for joining the freedom fighting because the news will be published on all newspaper and the poster of “Enklab zindabad”

Chandra Shekhar Azad never lives the British government relaxed until he was alive. Everyday new happenings used to be done by him which distributed British rule.

People followed them who get them inspired.  Chandra Shekhar’s courage gave inspiration to youth to do something for the nation.

We must understand that they were also youth and gave his life for freedom o nation. Then why can’t we do something for society after freedom? We can also follow his admiring thoughts,  help the needy, go for a clean environment,  water-saving, tree plantation,  donation with NGO or needy people, stay calm, and do not harm anyone.


Sidhart gautam budh was indian who born in ishikawa vansh. He was the founder of budh dharma. Gautam budh’s father name was sudhodhan and mother name was mahamaya. At the age of seven, his mother left the world and his mother’s real sister take care of him.

Siddarth was a very unique child from childhood,  his thought was very decent, and loved to think about society and God worship only. His father was scared by his nature to live the life for society because sometimes by his words it used to seem that he doesn’t have affection for the kingdom.

For this, his father decided to get him married with the hope of changing his nature. Sidharth got married and had a baby boy.

But at 27, he left home, his wife, child because he came to know that it’s not real life. Something else is the truth of life and for this research, he left home, luxury life. He visited many places to learn about life and one day he was meditating under the tree of Gaya where he found or realized God.

His nature was truly admired for living the society with knowing the truth of life. We must understand if A man can leave luxury life to find the reality of life then why we people are stuck in materialistic things.

Collecting the materialistic things are not life, be anger free, meditate yourself, help the needy, do not cheat anyone for materialistic things whether in a profession or personal life, stay happy, speak less, think positive, live for society, and much more thought which came to know about lord Gautam Budha.

When a king can leave every materialistic thing and feel happy with God’s path, then why we are spoiling our time in collecting materialistic things?

So understand it and change your life.

Here are three legends introduced in this article, in the next we will come back with more new legends which inspired society.

We should not forget them!

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