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seo tricks 2020

SEO ( Search engine optimization) has become popular in digital marketing. I remember in India before 3-4 years very few people used to understand the SEO rest freelancer or digital marketer. Common people were not aware of SEO. My personal experience is that I used to introduce myself by saying working as a marketing employee rather than an SEO expert.

But now SEO has obtained an effective image in marketing.

Anyway, let’s talk about the SEO if you are planning to do by yourself or hiring any SEO expert through freelancer or agency.

SEO is not as easy as the maximum website developer thinks!

First of all, you must make a plan about the intention behind doing SEO for your website. What you are planning to do? Aiming for brand awareness or sales?

SEO asks for patience as well as quality work. So leave the watching any particular time of ranking because we are setting up our website for ranking someone’s platforms. Google, Bing and other search engine is a third party platform not your’s so we have to go according to their policy and rules.

Let’s check the steps of ranking the website on google.

There are two types of SEO: On-Page and OFF-Page. We have to work on both. Let’s check out.

On Page SEO

1. Design an Attractive Website

Your website should be attractive to engage the traffic. The website should have a home page, product page, about us and contact us. Try to create the pages as much as possible.

Why attractive or Long Website

  • The attractive website generates the interest of the user to stay and examine the website. Thus use high-quality images or text.
  • The long text helps to explain what you are offering as well as covering the keywords.

2. High Speed

It’s a time of 5G and this generation doesn’t have patience while exploring the website. Thus it is important to build high-speed websites that can be possible through quality hosting and smart development.

There is a parameter for building a high-speed website. Let’s go through it.

  • HTML Page size should be under 33 kb
  • HTML Compression/GZIP: Compress the HTML to reduce your page size
  • Site Loading Speed: The site loading speed should be under 5 seconds.
  • Page Cache: Use the page cache on the website which helps to increase the speed of opening the website.
  • Java and CSS Cache: Use the cache headers for java and CSS that would increase the speed.

3. Keyword Research

Now do the keyword research through google planner. Keyword research means searching the keyword which you want to see your website by putting on Google.

What type of keywords?

New website: If you are just launching the website or new on SEO then search the keyword which should be related to your website’s service. And these keywords should have low competition but good traffic.

Old website: If you are already doing SEO for your website and targeted low competitive keywords. Then you can add high competitive keywords.

How to check the competition and traffic.

Traffic, you can check through google planner. I put the below image and highlighted traffic. It shows monthly searching in counts.

keyword research


There are many methods to check the competition of the keyword. Many tools show keyword competition like ahref. If you do not have ahref then check it manually.

See the below image, I searched how many people are using the keyword “seo agency india”. This shows, how many people searched this keyword and counts of people in seconds.

4. Simple and Easy to Read Content:

Content is king in SEO, the right word to tell the importance of content. The website should have quality content that can easily explain what is the aim of website. The content should be meaningful and long as much as can be possible.

Google also suggests adding quality and long content on the website’s page including the target relevant keywords.

Why content is important?

Let’s understand how Google shows the result while someone putting the keyword. If someone put “SEO Agency in India” Google algorithm searches a number of websites.

  • First, check the websites that are having keyword on meta title and description.
  • Second, go to the website’s pages those are having “ SEO Agency in India”

Those websites contain a good density of “SEO Agency in India” The preference would be that website.

5. Let’s Create the Meta Title and Description:

Meta title and description are valuable which introducing what page contains. Thus it should be easy to understand including the keywords.

For example, if you are offering “digital marketing service” try to add this keyword to your page where you are introducing your digital marketing service.

Meta Title: An Experienced Digital Marketing Service Provider 

Or anything you can create smartly including the keyword.

Why Meta Title and Description is important?

6. Heading tag (H1, H2, H3, etc)

Heading Tag (H1) is important which should be above the content. If you have a big content about PPC marketing service provider. Then create an H1 tag which makes easy to understand what page is containing that creates interest of visitor if the page is valuable for him or not.

Why Header Tag is important?

This is the language of Google. Google understands the heading tag when it shows the content in google.

7. Robots.txt 

This is a txt file, suggested by google to add on the website.

Why it is important?

The file is used to tell the google which pages you want to allow or disallow to show on google.

Here is a sample of Robots.txt file. If you want to create by yourself then you can create like this.

8. Sitemap: 

Google doesn’t know how many pages are available on your website. Thus Google suggests creating a sitemap that contains the list of website URLs.

This Sitemap should be in .xml format and there are many online tools of sitemap generations. You can create through these online tools or manually.

9. Remove Broken Links:

A developer creates the website as their knowledge. They do not have time to check google’s policies. So sometimes they create a URL and left to work due to some development issue.

Thus google says there should not have a broken link on websites.

10. SEO Friendly URLs: 

Google says to create the seo friendly website’s page which makes easy to google for showing at results. For example, if you have a page related to “seo service provider” that page should have below url.

11. URL Canonicalization Setup 

sometime website opens with www or without www.

For Example: Website URL is , it can open without www too like

The website should open with only one url whether with www or without www otherwise, google considers it duplicate content.

12. Image Alt Tag 

Image Alt tag is given to every image available on the website. It helps in showing your website’s images on google images.

Thus create a smart image alt tag that contains the name of the image including the keyword.

13. Https 

This is a secured communication protocol which increases the faith of customer by collecting the information. If you are having an e-commerce website it is mandatory to have https because customer puts the credential of bank that helps to them safe.

14.Custom 404 error 

The website should have a custom 404 error page. That means if any old page is not working then it should show the 404 error page(not found).

Off-page SEO

Let’s talk about OFF Page tasks which increase the authority of the website and ranking on google.

Creating the backlink is OFF Page’s work, let’s introduce it.

Backlink Creation: it means dropping your website link on other website in smart way. And here are some methods of creating the backlinks.

1. Article/Blog Submission

The article/blog submission is a very effective way of building the link. Here is some area where you can put the article/blogs.

  • Own website: You can create content on valuable topics that can engage the traffic. The article/blog should be meaningful and add keywords too. Adding keyword would help as interlink to other pages too.
  • Article/Blog submission websites: There are some websites that allow publishing the article/blog like HubPages,, medium, etc.
  • Guest Post Website: This is a very effective method in content marketing. You can communicate to the website owner related to your niche and create the valuable content for them using your keyword with hyperlink.

2. Blog Commenting 

The blog commenting method is a very smart way of creating a backlink. Many websites add the blogs on the website and you can put the comment including keywords or website links.

Some websites give the do-follow link or no-follow link but do not care about it. The DA/PA of the website should be greater than 25 then getting a no-follow link is useful too. but no-follow should not be more than 25%-30%

3. Repair other website’s broken link

This is a great method which is very popular in the present day.

What you have to do?

  • Find the broken links of websites where you want to drop your link.
  • Offer the website’s owner to repair it by adding the blog/articles or rebuilding the page.
  • Ask the owner to put the link through anchor text or direct website link.

How to find the broken link?

Many online website tools are available which can be used by finding the broken link.

4. Outreaching

Outreaching is used to put the link through a guest post or repairing the website’s broken link.

Repairing the broken links, I have already told on step 3. Here I will tell about the guest post.

Guest posting is a very old method but that time people used to add the articles on the free website that espeacily allow adding the guest post.

But here I would not suggest adding content on these websites because it is called a PBN website.

Google suggests doing content marketing by publishing Articles on those websites which should be original. Means website should be any service provider or company. Especially website should contain the contact information of the website’s owner or company location.

Send them an email and offer about the guest article/blog based on their requirements. And ask them to use anchor text with a hyperlink.

Let’s suppose your website is a related search engine agency then you can find the websites who offer informative content or any other service provider related to marketing instead of digital marketing because your competitor will not allow adding your website link.

 5. Forum Submission: 

Many forum submission websites are available for gaining and sharing the information. You can create the thread or reply on any thread including the link.

But do not try to put mass links on the different-different websites on a single day otherwise website will ban your IP that could harm the website.

6. Business Listing 

The business listing means creating the listing on popular business listing websites like yellowpage, lacrates, hotfrog etc.

What is required in the business listing?

  • Name of the business
  • Official Email Id and Website
  • Contact Address with Phone number

7. Question and answering 

There are many question and answer websites where you can put your question or answer on someone’s question. And smartly you can add your link.

For example: If someone is asking “how to do SEO for website” then you can answer the question and obviously many times your seo agency keywords can come smartly.

8. Infographic/PDF/PPT Submission 

The method of sharing the infographic/PDF/PPT is valuable. If you are creating effective documents with quality concepts then it can be useful for gaining traffic.

9. Social Media 

You must have a fan page of your brand like BPA Digital Marketing Group on all social media platforms.

Creating a valuable post for social media is valuable as a backlink task. You can create the post and add your website link.

If your post is attractive and useful then lots of traffic can be converted to your website. There is some popular social media website like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin and Pinterest.

In the last, I can say do not harass about SEO because as per google quality work is important rather than quantity.

In the past, the quantity of work was valuable for ranking the website on google but now google has changed the instructions.

Now Google wants only quality work so those tasks were told above, go through that. And build the link on good DA/PA website.

What is DA/PA?

DA (Domain Authority) and PA (Page Authority) that identifies the quality of the website. It should be greater than 25 and you can check through SEOmoz tool.

I hope you would like the article and Rock SEO.

Stay happy and rank your website. If you have any questions? Feel free to ask me.

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