Top 10 Real Estate Agent in USA

10 real estate agents usa

What is Real Estate –

Real estate includes land, house, commercial property, residential property, etc. Those who are looking for property in the USA or any country must take the help of a real estate agent for a better option. This blog would help to know the top 10 real estate agents in the USA who can help in finding the desired property.

  1. RE/MAX – RE/MAX is a well known real estate agent who can help you to find the best property. This is a great platform that is known for proving the best property at reasonable rates. So if you are looking for a property feel free to contact them. Here is the official website or you can also research their reputation of service through social media reviews, google reviews, etc. 


2. Keller Williams Realty: If you are experienced in searching the property then definitely you know about KWR (Keller Williams Reality). They are well known for their quality service so you can contact them if you are searching for property in the USA and looking for the best real estate agent in the USA. Its headquarter is in Austin and founded in 1983. They have a big name in the real estate world thus you can contact them for quality property. To know more about them you can visit their official website too.


3. Acadia Cornerstone Real Estate: They have a good reputation in the real estate industry. Those guys are looking for property in the USA, they should go through them and get the quotation of service. When you find the property, it is important to compare the service with a big, small and average service provider. After the comparison, you must choose your best property. So, for the official website of Acadia Comerston Real Estate, please go through the below-mentioned link.


4. Coldwell Banker: Coldwell Banker is a big name in the real estate world, if you are looking for a great land then go through them. Coldwell Banker’s CEO name M. Ryan Gorman and it was founded on 27-August-1906. They have a great history with their pride in service to make the customer satisfied. Thus if you are planning for commercial and residential property and want to crack the deal then must choose Coldwell Banker.

5. Aspect Properties: There is also a well-known name in real estate that can help in finding the best property for you. Choose their service and compare with others and go ahead if all seem okay. Their Email-  [email protected], Website: Phone Number: 2486512700. It is our suggestion to compare the service with a small and big level of real estate and select the best one. Never choose instantly anyone without comparing the market if you want to crack the perfect deal.


6. ERA Real Estate: The big name in real estate is also ERA Real estate who provides quality service. If you are looking for a high level of the property then we would suggest you choose ERA real estate and compare the services. ERA’s headquarter is Parsippany-Troy Hills, New Jersey, United States. And founded in 1972 and its subsidiary is ERA Kuwait. So you can visit their official website to explore more about the services. 


7. Home365: They are also known for dealing with a big and small levels of the property so if you are looking for property in the USA then must choose Home365. But we would recommend comparing the service with others too. Its location is; Palo Alto, California, United States, and Website:

8. Camden Property Trust; They are also well known for its quality service. The headquarter of CPT ( Camden Property Trust) is in Houston, Texas. And founder of this company is Richard J Campo. You can visit the below official website and explore their service for commercial and residential properties. 


9. Flock Homes: Flock Homes is not much popular and big as ERA Real estate and others. But they have a good reputation for providing the best service in finding the property for buying or renting in the USA. Thus you can contact them and share the requirement if you are looking for property for rent or purchasing. Go to their official website for exploring their real estate service in the USA.


10. Getty Realty: It is also a well-reputed name in the real estate industry, if you are looking for a small or big property then should contact them for getting the ideas. They can surely help you in finding the desired property in the USA. Its headquarter is Jericho, New York, United States, and the company was founded in 1955. The company is offering service since 1955, very old and experienced to find the best property based on customer’s tastes. Go through their official website and check out their service. 


Finding the right property as per the taste is difficult in the USA but the best real estate agent can help to do that. That’s why we have written this blog which shared the 10 real estate agents in the USA and would be helpful for property finders.

Buyers get confused by multiple websites of real estate agents. That’s the reason we planned to write this blog which can help to collect 10 real estate agent’s contact information on a single page. So we suggest you contact them and take the property option as per your desire. And it is also suggested, never take a hurry in choosing anyone from a single contact, try to explore the option by comparing rates and service from a different-different real estate agency in the USA.

Many property finders are also student or low-budget buddies thus it is important to spend the time researching the real estate agents through our blog and other blogs as well as typing random keywords on search engines and contact them, compare them then select for buying or renting the property. 

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